A special selection for special customers


Bone in products

  • Chicken roll with bacon and yellow cheese
  • Chicken steak
  • Chicken strips
  • Chicken fillet morsels
  • Chicken leg meat
  • Chicken leg meat morsels

Bone out products

  • Chicken grill mix
  • Chicken wings mix
  • Chicken ribs
  • Chicken fillet Supreme


  • Chicken fillet skewer Hawaii
  • Chicken leg meat skewer with vegetables
  • Chicken fillet skewer with vegetables
  • Chicken fillet skewer with bacon
  • Chicken Gyros
  • Mixed mini skewers


Chicken fillet skewer

Chicken fillet strips

Chicken wings

Stuffed whole chicken

Chicken leg meat skewer

Chicken fillet skewer with bacon

All products can be delivered as follows: natural/seasoned/marinated
Thermal condition of the products: chilled/frozen/IQF
The products are offered singly in plates or bags weighing up to 2 kg.